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All 3 Democrats Running for Florida Governor Want to Legalize Cannabis and Home Grow

Could the sunshine state have legal home grown cannabis soon? We wont see a voter initiative to legalize adult use this year. None of the initiatives were able to get enough signatures to make it on to the November vote. However, all three of the front runners in the democrat primaries want to legalize cannabis! Not only that but they want to legalize your right to grow your own cannabis at home.

On our podcast, called the Rotation by Suncoast NORML, was fortunate enough to host all three of the Democratic primary front runners as guests. Each came on their own show to discuss their own policies when it comes to cannabis and they were all pretty good! Each one of them has pledged to legalize and agree that we should be able to grow at home.

Florida may not be able to vote on cannabis reform this year, but legalizing cannabis might be as easy as getting Ron DeSantis out of the governor seat! Everyone else seems to be for the legalization of cannabis but him!

US Rep Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist is a long time friend to cannabis reform in the State of Florida. He used to be our governor and is currently serving as the House Representative for Florida's 13th congressional district.

He has a bit of a slogan when it comes to home grow:

Although cannabis is nothing like alcohol, you have to admit that is kind of catchy! It is certainly true that if people can brew their own beer, a substance much more harmful than cannabis, then they ought to be able to grow at home.

When Crist joined us for episode 79 of the Rotation, he was kind enough to come in to our home studio and share that slogan with us face to face! He also share much more of his views on cannabis.

Here are some of the points on cannabis reform Crist promised us if elected:

  • Legalize adult use marijuana.


  • Tax revenue should go to teachers and police reform.

  • Expunge prior cannabis convictions.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried

Nikki Fried was very kind to join us on her episode. We almost missed her! She had a schedule conflict but was able to join us at the end of the episode. She is a long time friend to cannabis reform being a lobbyist for cannabis reform before becoming Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture. As our Commissioner of Agriculture she has overseen the roll out of the Florida Hemp Program, farmers can now grow hemp legally, and we now have a regulated and striving hemp industry in our state.

She was quick to point out that she is for home grown cannabis. She was also quick to share her opinion of our current governor....

Another great part of Nikki's platform is to forgive prior cannabis convictions. We hope to have her on the show again soon. That way we can give her more time to explain her platform to us. But you can see some highlights of her visit on the show in the video below. Pretty clear she is a friend to cannabis reform.

Senator Annette Taddeo

We were happy to have Senator Taddeo join us on the program for both an English and a special Spanish version of the show that day! Senator Taddeo has some great plans to legalize in the state of Florida.

Here are a few things she wants to do:

  • Abolish horizontal orientation (open the cannabis industry to "mom and pop"

  • Expunge criminal records

  • Legalize home grown weed!

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