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Siesta G in the Rotation

Updated: Jun 24

We had a great chat with the Hemp activist over at Siesta G! They provided valuable insight on why we should be wary of Amendment 3 and why they are strongly opposed to it. Although we agree that we shouldn't trust the MMTCs, it is difficult for NORML to oppose legalization.

We start off the episode by introducing the wonderful owners of Siesta G and giving them the well-deserved respect that they deserve. They are involved in the system and played a crucial role in the advocacy in opposition to the dreaded Florida Hemp Bill. They are true activists and they deserve everyone's respect.

Recently Suncoast NORML announced its pro-Amendment 3 stance. Unfortunately, the hemp industry is in opposition to Amendment 3, and rightfully so. Amendment 3 was proposed by the MMTCs of Florida, which lobbied against the hemp industry and would close down stores like Siesta G. There is a serious lack of trust between hemp and the MMTCs of Florida, and we can all understand why.

Later, Cano took a moment to explain why an organization like Suncoast NORML is obligated to support legislation like Amendment 3. Regardless of who proposed Amendment 3, a vote for Amendment 3 would put an end to the thousands of cannabis arrests that happen in Florida.

Much respect to Siesta G, but although Hemp and Cannabis should be 100% legal, the argument that cannabis is legal and yet there are arrests in Florida because of cannabis... that means cannabis is still illegal. THOSE ARRESTS ARE HAPPENING NOW.

The discussion then continues to opening a cannabis dispensary. The system is restrictive in Florida, and it is hard to think of a cannabis system in Florida that is "open for business." However, Carlos makes the argument that the progress proposed by Amendment 3 is the "best shot he's got" to progress the system in Florida and possibly open a cannabis dispensary of his own.

All in all, both sides, Siesta G and Suncoast NORML, have a love for the plant and want to see it protected. What we can learn from this situation is that even though Suncoast NORML is Yes on 3, we should be concerned about how this legislature is going to implement Amendment 3. The Florida legislature was obviously very harsh on the hemp industry, and we are very fortunate for DeSantis' surprising veto. Thanks to Siesta G for the wonderful content and the education on why we should tread lightly with Amendment 3.

However, Amendment 3 is our best chance at ending the needless arrests of cannabis consumers. YES ON 3 IS A VOTE AGAINST CANNABIS PROHIBITION!


Watch the whole episode below.

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