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Who Should You Vote for to Legalize Cannabis in Florida: Better Know Your Candidate

On our Podcast the Rotation with Suncoast NORML we have introduced a new segment called "Better Know Your Candidate" where we have spoken to any and all candidates that were willing to talk to us. These candidates normally did so to express their agreement with cannabis reform.

See below our latest episode of the Rotation where we discusses all the candidates that we can. Also see below ever episode of Better Know Your Candidate. We have made no official endorsements as an organization but we have a great deal of info available to you below to help you make up your mind.

Nikki Fried for Governor

Nikki Fried took a moment at Kush Con to come by the booth and talk to Gary in a very informative and impromptu version of Better Know Your Candidate. Nikki is running for Governor and if she wins she will legalize!

Nikki Fried was kind enough to join us on episode 64 of our podcast, The Rotation! Fried is currently our states Commissioner of Agriculture. One of her duties is to oversee our concealed carry license permits program and she has no problems with MMJ patients in Florida owning a gun.

On Episode 64 of our podcast the Rotation we were kind enough to be joined by Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried. Fried is running for governor of our State and she made her cannabis policy very clear to us. We need to legalize, we need to forgive prior cannabis convictions and we need to grow at home.

Nikki Fried 4 Governor jumps into the Rotation to discuss the future of Hemp and Cannabis in Florida! She joined us at the very end of the episode!

Charlie Crist for Governor

US Rep Charlie Crist has represented Florida's 13th congressional district since 2017. He want's to be your next governor and is running as a Democrat in the primaries.

"If You Can Brew Your Own Beer, You Ought to be Able to Grow Your Own Weed" On episode 79 of our podcast the Rotation we were lucky enough to be joined by former governor and current House Representative Charlie Crist. Charlie is a long time friend of our NORML chapter and of cannabis reform in Florida. Here are some highlights from the show on his views of how cannabis legalization can help Florida.

Ryan Morales for Agriculture Commissioner

Who is going to take Nikki Fried's place when she is no longer Agriculture Commissioner? Well it should be Ryan Morales! That's who!

Ryan Morales is running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. He is for cannabis reform and will continue the success of the hemp industry in Florida.

Aramis Ayala for Attorney General

Aramis Ayala is running for Attorney General and she is joining us today to share her views on cannabis.

Rebekah Jones for District 1

Rebekah Jones is going against Matt Gatez for Congress! Vote for her cause we need to get rid of Matt and she has already stepped up to Desantis

Eddie Geller for District 15

Eddie Geller is a very funny guy! But what isn't funny is his campaign for congress! He wants to be a leader in the for this state and here is his view on cannabis

Michael Minardi for District 66

Mike Minardi has been a champion to Florida cannabis. This man has been the most successful cannabis criminal attorney in the State and ran one of the most successful campaigns to legalize cannabis. Now he is running for office as a Desantis supporting republican. He claims it is to legalize the plant and lets see the boys try to rationalize it.

Janelle Perez for District 38

Janelle is running for Florida Senate District 38! Watch this cause we need more Latinas like her in office!

Janelle Perez se une a nosotros en una edición especial en español de Better Know Your Candidate. Janelle está a favor de la reforma del cannabis y se postula para el Senado de Florida en el Distrito 38

Rep Wengay "Newt" Newton for District 62

Rep Wengay "Newt" Newton joined us for Better Know Your Candidate cause he is running for Florida State Rep in District 62. Includes much of Pinellas and South Tampa

Dr Cindy Banyai for District 19

Dr Cindy Banyai joined us for Better Know Your Candidate! She is running for Ft Pierce District 19 and she is pro cannabis!

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