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Rebranding: Central Florida NORML is now Suncoast NORML!

TAMPA – Legalize It! That is the rallying cry of all those who have experienced the horrors of cannabis prohibition. The War on Drugs has utilized cannabis prohibition to destroy the lives of millions of Americans. It has created disparities in the criminal justice system which further drives the racial divides of this great nation. To quote the late Bob Marley, “Herb is the healing of a nation…”. In that spirit of healing and cooperation, the members of Central Florida NORML have spent the past six years working towards a world where every responsible cannabis user has safe access. This has been a road fraught with victories and losses. From the legalization of medical cannabis therapy in the Sunshine State to the decriminalization of simple possession by local governments around Florida, these victories are to be celebrated. Yet, too often we have seen the prohibition inflict its injustice upon families whose loved ones died from a lack of safe access or caregivers imprisoned for seeking a better life for those whom they care. Throughout this journey towards legalization Central Florida NORML has grown from an idea to the premiere cannabis legalization advocacy organization in Florida. Its members make the difference in our state and we as an organization must continue to grow in order to see our mission accomplished. As advocates we remain resolute in our vision to see safe access for all responsible users, to see a nation healed by the herb. And, as is in every journey, you change direction in order to navigate to your destination. That is why Central Florida NORML is now Suncoast NORML. Suncoast NORML is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. And, as a 501(c)(4), its members will continue to drive it to be a leading civil rights organization in the Sunshine State. The new board of directors has some familiar faces and new ones alike. Suncoast NORML’s board is comprised of talent from across many industries all working towards one goal. Prospective members are welcome to join in the cause, and the former members of Central Florida NORML are asked to recommit themselves to vision, legalize it. -Christopher C. Cano, M.P.A. Executive Director, Suncoast NORML

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