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Register to vote. If you are already registered to vote, then exercise that power. Your power to vote is stronger than you know. It is more powerful than any fortune, any conglomerate, and it is the choice between prohibition or legalization.

The American political process is messy. It is dominated by political parties comprised of elected representatives. These leaders shape public policy which affect us all. Both major political parties will meet this summer for conventions that will select their candidates for president and vice president, adopt national platforms, and shape the discourse of our nation.

Casting your vote for pro-legalization delegates will shape the political platforms of both parties. Party elections are exclusive to registered members of those political party. Registered democrats must register for an electronic ballot by May 13th. Voting begins May 14th at 2pm and all ballots must be cast by May 16th at 2pm for Democratic National Convention Delegates from Florida. Registered republicans must cast ballots in congressional district locations on select dates for Republican National Convention Delegates from Florida.

Legalization is not inevitable. The progress made over the past 50 years can be measured in lives lost and freedom taken. The sacrifices and pain of so many patients and their families must be honored. Casting your vote is not to be taken for granted. For voting is not a right that has always been granted. Generations of Americans have fought and died for this right. Whether fighting for independence at Bunker Hill or marching in Selma, Alabama, our ancestors have sought to prove our constitution more than parchment. It is our declaration of freedom to live our lives the way we see fit and the confidence that our freedom cannot be taken away from us. That is our God-given right. And, I for one am willing to fight for it, to honor it, and to exercise it. VOTE!

Photo by NBC News

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